Hi, I’m LeeAnn Sanders

I am an artist that lives and works in South Dakota and the Florida Keys. Welcome to my creative life. I spend most days creating images and jewelry that reflect my love for the ocean. My inspiration for my art has always been the seashore. I hope you enjoy.

Artist’s Statement

“Memory is the diary we all carry about with us.” – Oscar Wilde

My art is about memories; those memories in my life that make me happiest. Ever since I visited the ocean as a small child, it has been a part of my soul. As an adult, I return multiple times a year to reconnect with the ocean and my memories. With my paintings, I seek to connect the viewer with the joy and peace I feel when I am at the seashore. The ocean puts us in perspective with our world and our fellow humans. Our frame of reference is humbled. The sea is a great equalizer and I love illustrating how the ocean evokes our inner child.